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We love metasite

Here's a video me and my colleagues have made for myliusavoimone.lt project (you need to declare love for your company in a short video or any other visual form):

If you liked it, please vote for us at the link (click "Balsuoti!")!

For those who don't speak Lithuanian, this is what's happening in this video:

We ♥ metasite
(my animation scene)

Scene 1
Girl: We love metasite because everyone loves metasite. Our current employees love metasite, our alumni love metasite, and some alumni come back to work for metasite again.
Guy: Some even come back for the second time.
Girl: You came back two times?! Why?
Guy: Because i couldn't fine a better job.
Girl: Because we love metasite!
(colleague's animation scene)

Scene 2
Guy: Hi! I love metasite, because i can feel like in my own farm here!
Girl (holds tomatoes, we grow on a balcony): And we'll be harvesting real soon!
Guy: A red basil!
(my animation scene)

Scene 3
Guy: Oh, hi! I love metasite, because i have a possibility to work on interesting and good projects. Thanks. That's it.
(my animation scene)

Scene 4
Girl2: Because here's a lot of very good friends!!!
Girl2: No, this is not how we should present it!
Girl1: No, definitely not.
Girl2: You'll be ashamed for me for that...
(colleague's animation scene)

Scene 5
My dog appears.
Girl1 (me): Because at metasite we love animals!
Girl2: Yeah, yeah, we love them..
(my animation scene)

Scene 6
Guy: I sometimes oversleep, but nobody minds. This is why it's great to work at metasite.
(colleague's animation scene)

Scene 7
Guy: Metasite loves us too, offers us some cookies on a daily basis. And once a month we all gather for a collective breakfast.
(colleague's animation scene)

Scene 8
Girl: I love metasite, because on Fridays Hare Krishna declares the end of a working day!
(my animation scene)

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